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Student Rehearsal Ideology

Are you a student who wants to excel in your studies? If so, then it’s time to adopt a Student Rehearsal Ideology.

Synergy: The interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements by themselves. Learning to perform with others is the key to building solid musicianship and fantastic band environments. Through our student rehearsals, we encourage musicians to work with others to learn music to perform and become better performers. By creating an encouraging environment where students can freely express themselves and learn how to work with other musicians in a safe place, we see students’ skill levels jump by leaps and bounds. By working together to create something extraordinary, students become more excited about music, overcome reservations about performing, and soon take over the stage with face-melting performances. Through learning the language of music and honing the necessary performance skills, students have put on shows far above their own expectations and even the staff’s. We are so excited to see the continued growth of our students and can’t wait to see what they put on stage next!

Performance Anxiety: commonly known as “Stage Fright” generally effects more than 90 percent of the world’s population. Performance Anxiety has a direct correlation on an individual’s self-esteem, presenting a toll on self-conficence. These fears can result in quitting school, low job performance and even job loss. Many professionals hide this anxiety well, dealing with the direct effects internally.

HNM Performance Program: with the ramifications of poor self-esteem in mind, our performance programs were specifically designed to reduce Performance Anxiety and sequentially boost self-esteem and confidence by using the concept of learning to ride a bike:

  • 1st: learning to ride with training wheels and the trust of someone holding the bike’s handlebars and seat.
  • 2nd: learning to ride just with the support of the training wheels only.
  • And 3rd: Riding with no training wheels or exterior support, relying on acquired skill and self-confidence level.

Applying this simple process toward learning the language of music has enabled HNM to develop highly proficient musicians for nearly twenty years.

  • SHOWCASE BAND: Our Showcase band is the first performance step added to our student’s music learning. This is where beginning students get the opportunity to learn a few songs and then perform them live with HNM staff musicians. This program does not cost, rehearsals are limited, and the gain in confidence is outstanding. Committing to two or three performances in less than two years helps students gain enough self-confidence, lowering their performance anxiety, and joining a Rockerz Band as young as eight. We have witnessed first-hand that the learning of the music language and application of our performance programs, paves the way for better home life, greater school productivity, and commitment toward success and livelihood.
  • ROCKERZ BAND: Our Rockerz Band is an added cost to the Learn Plan. This plan covers weekly band rehearsals, where beginning to Intermediate students rehehe arse and perform with staff members on stage as concert opening bands for Rock Performance Bands.
  • ROCK PERFORMANCE BAND: Our Rock Performance Band is an added cost to the Learn Plan. This plan covers weekly band rehearsals, during which students build the ability to perform independently.