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Student Programs

‘Learn’ Program

The ‘Learn’ program is designed to provide the basis for great musicians.  Through individual 30, 45 & 60 minute lessons weekly, students will be introduced to their instrument, maintenance and care, basics of performing, ear training and more.  These sessions provide the ground work to move students towards our Perform program where they can use what they’ve learned to entertain others.

‘Perform’ Program

The ‘Perform’ program is really where our heart as a school really lies.  Our goal is to teach all students not only how to be a great musician, but also a great performer.  This program combines individual lessons with weekly band practices with other students and staff.  It’s in these band sessions that students will learn how to become great band members, work with others towards a common goal and ultimately put on a stellar performance.

Students in the ‘Perform’ program will additionally be given opportunities to go out and perform in our community not only to promote the school but to cultivate their skills as musicians and performers.  These performances could include festivals, special events, and gigs at local music venues.

Another vital aspect of our Performance programs, is to equipment all students with technical knowledge as well. So ALL students who participate in yearly shows will be required to show up early and stay late on the day of the show to help and learn how to: establish stage power, setup PA systems, operate a mixing consoles, setup stage lighting, setup event tents, esthetics and stage gear, such as amps, processors, drums, pianos, mics and much more. This opportunity will provide ALL musicians with the core knowledge of how to not just play in a band but how to run the production side as well. This will require students to show up several hours before a show and a few hours after a show.