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Pricing & Policies

Our plans are simple. Materials are included with all plans!

Learn Plans:

Little Rockerz 4-6yr olds (Group, 60 min weekly session): $125/month

Learn program 30 min (Private, 30 min weekly session):  $155/month

Learn Program 45 min (Private, 45 min weekly session): $165/month

Learn Program 60 min (Private 60 min weekly session): $285/month

Highland North Music is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt business. EIN: 47-2631708.

Donors can deduct 100% of contributions to HNM under IRC Section 170.

Clients partaking in music instruction can deduct 50% of annual funds paid to HNM.
(60% of all cash donations).

Performance Plans:
Rockerz Band: This is an added cost to the Learn Plan, covering weekly band rehearsals, where beginning to Intermediate students perform with staff members on stage to open for a student Performance band.  $35/month

Rock Performance Band: This is an added cost to the Learn Plan to cover weekly band rehearsals, where students build the ability to perform on their own:  $50/month

Lesson plans must be paid by the 1st of each month. We recommend using a Credit Card for auto-draft purposes; this ensures that class schedules are not interrupted. If paying by Check or Cash, please pay by the 1st, by the end of your first scheduled class, or no later than the 7th. Classes not paid on time will incur a $35 late fee.

Cancellation Policy: Anyone can stop attending HNM without further commitment to attend sessions. To prevent the billing for your plan, you must submit a cancellation notice in writing. This must be done by the 15th of the month to stop billing for the next month. All accounts are renewed automatically on the 1st day of each month.

Example: If you want to stop billing for June, a written notice must be
turned in to the office by MAY 15th before 8:30 pm for auto-billing not to be processed on June 1st. There will be no exceptions. Every client is obligated to pay the upcoming bill if HNM has not received a written request for cancellation.

  • **If a class must be missed for any reason, we ask that notification be sent to the school no later than noon on the scheduled class day. Only two makeups a month are allowed, which do not roll over to the following month. If notification for missing a session is not received before noon, there will be no make-up for the missed session.
  • **All scheduled classes during mandatory shutdowns will not be made up; those include Spring Break, generally around the end of March, July 4th, potentially Halloween, Thanksgiving two-day Holiday, and the last two weeks of December for Christmas Break. Otherwise, we remain open for 49 weeks annually.
  • Additional workshops or group classes may become available, resulting in a separate cost.