Staff Band – Barely UpWright

In 2017 staff members of Highland North Music came together on an epic quest to bring quality high voltage rock to the good people of the Triad. Gleaning hits from the likes of 80s hair bands to the fast paced, no cares Celtic punk rock, Barely UpWright was born. A play on the owner, Donnie Wright’s, last name and a nod to the tipsiness of his Celtic ancestry, the name bears witness to the high energy music delivered from the stage that leaves crowds reeling from impact and coming back for more.

To date the band has performed across many venues and stages in the triad. Covering traditional celtic classics and folk to also playing top 40s, motown and metal. The band is made up of staff and board members from Highland North Music.

Meet the band:

Donnie Wright :: Guitar and Vocals

Iris Crowe :: Vocals and Keyboards

Michael Highfill :: Guitar and Bass

Greg Tardy :: Guitar and Vocals

Mike Naylor :: Bass and Mandolin

Shane Wheeler :: Saxophone

Henry Tardy :: Drums and percussion

Marc B Moffit :: Drums and percussion