Greensboro, NC

About Us

The Triads Leading LEARN AND PERFORM Music School

“Practice is not our mentality, PLAYING IS!”

Started in 2007 by Donnie Wright, Highland North Music is focused on training the Triad’s finest musicians.  Unlike most traditional music schools the aim of Highland North is to not only teach the basics of instrumental and vocal music but also incorporate public performance as well.  Our aim is to groom fine musicianship through knowledge and technical ability as well as teamwork and leadership through performances and band rehearsals.  Students not only learn their instrument, musical theory and technique but also learn how to work together with other students as a unit to accomplish a common goal: a great performance.  Our staff have years of experience both playing and performing.  We look forward to working with you to help you on your journey towards becoming a better musician and performer.

Our school never shuts down! We are open year round dedicating our skills towards instructing and helping to develop not just music passion, nor advanced skill ability but using music to enhance the brain for greater life potential. Music has far more attributes for enhancing your brain connectivity than any other sport, hobby, entertainment, book or science project you take on. Listening to music has many great attributes but it has been researched and documented for many decades that playing music has even a greater benefit toward brain development, re-constructing brain synapses and enhancing overall brain connectivity. Please see our Media page to find out how much music can impact you or someone else.

We are focused on cultivating both musical ability and public performance skills.
We also believe that learning music should be FUN!
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e don’t teach theory to learn songs,