Greensboro, NC


From the studio:

Live Audio from the September 10th 2016 Battle of the Bands!  These bands were all student based and student lead.


Please watch these awesome videos by Victor Wooten. This further explains how we relate music to being a language and how we teach!!!

FURTHERMORE, Please watch this video on how music affects YOUR & MY BRAIN!!!

What clients are saying about HNM
“Thank you so much for putting on such a wonderful performance at our community block party!
I have heard so many compliments on how great the music was – I would love to “CO-OP” with
your school again next year!! Thanks again, keep on rockin’ – you guys are awesome!”
Sincerely, Rachel Tatum (block party chair)

“Highland North Music has provided my children with a safe, productive environment
where they are encouraged to explore and improve their musical gifts…..”
Sincerely, Julia Militello