Greensboro, NC

Pricing & Policies

All classes and programs run Year round!
We virtually NEVER shutdown! We believe
The Music Language is so important, we keep the doors open 49 weeks every year. We close but
reschedule all classes for GSO Spring Break(Apr), a few 1 & 2 day Holidays and the last two weeks of December. WOW! Most of our Staff have been pushing non-stop for 13 years; we feel as if we are on a non-stop Tour!
Our plans are simple; Lessons & Material is included:

Learn Plans:
Little Rockerz Band 5-7yr (Group, 45 min weekly session): $110/month
Learn program 30min (Private, 30 min weekly session):  $140/month

Perform Plans:
Rock 101: Beginning to Intermediate students perform together with staff members on stage to open for the Performance band.  $25/month

Perform program: This is an added cost to the Learn Plan to cover weekly band rehearsals:  $50/month

Performance fees (As needed if required by the venue).

*All fees are in addition to monthly lessons*

Payment for all classes scheduled that month must be paid by the end of the first class session each month or by the 15th of each month. If classes are not paid on time there will be a $35 late fee.

Cancellation Policy: Anyone can stop attending HNM at anytime without further commitment to attend sessions. To stop the billing for your account, you must submit in writing a cancellation notice. This must be done 15 days prior to the next billing cycle. All accounts are renewed automatically on the 1st day of each month.

  • If a class must be missed for any reason we ask that notification be sent to the school no later than the morning of the scheduled class.  A make-up class can be scheduled for another slot that week, or additional time added to normally scheduled classes to makeup for the missed session.  If notification is not received the morning of the missed class, payment for the class will still be required with no make-up class.
  • Additional workshops or group classes may become available, which will be separate fees, which will be announced throughout the year.
  • All students pay a yearly material fee.  This fee due each January.  This fee goes towards books, cd’s, sheet music, t-shirts and other materials provided throughout the year.